The Museum of Natural History in Salzburg, „Das Haus der Natur“ founded in 1924, houses a sizable exhibit about all facets of Nature, a Science Center, an Aquarium and a Reptile Zoo.

The renowned Illustrator Johann Brandstetter designed an impressive book about climate change as part of the special exhibit „DAHOAM im Wandel”. It was our task to transform this book into an interactive 3D application for visitors.

Paper & Physics

One of the biggest challenges was to translate the nature of paper and the interactive possibilities of flipping through pages into virtual 3D as close as possible.
To reach this level of realism, we used „soft body dynamics“ computer graphics.

The same principal is used to simulate clothing in computer games. With the right criteria it translates perfectly to produce the physical aspects of paper.


Haus der Natur Salzburg


Digital Installation




  • Software Development
  • 3D
  • Interaction Design


  • WebGl
  • Web Technologies


The simulation was implemented using WebGL. The high requirements of realism and functionality could be satisfied with the help of customized lighting and surface texture of the pages.

Check out a demo of this app by following this link: (optimized for Google Chrome): Demo Link