In Space

The „Haus der Natur“ in downtown Salzburg is a museum of natural History and houses a considerable exhibit about all facets of Nature.
The „Weltraumhalle“ (Space room) is an exhibition that has always been very popular. This exhibit makes the subject of Space and space travel easily understandable through three-dimensional and interactive Models.


During this permanent exhibitions renovation, we supported the „Haus der Natur“ with the development of different interactive installations.
For instance, we developed two simple touchscreen information desks which visitors can use to gain additional information about exhibits in the room.

But the real challenge was the visualisation of the so-called Milanković Cycles. The Milanković Cycles describe cyclical variations in the solar radiation reaching the earth and the strong influence on seasons. These cycles can span over thousands of years and explain earth’s natural climatic patterns.


Haus der Natur Salzburg


Digital Installation




  • Software Development
  • 3D
  • Interaction Design


  • WebGl
  • Web Technologies


To illustrate those very complex connections, like variations in axial tilt, we created a three-dimensional solar system. The Visitor can observe changes and influences by changing different solar constants through control elements.